Our Approach

My team and I realize that every session, photo, video, or other; is unique.

We love to work with our clients to convey the message and story that you want to tell.

Rather than dictate where to go and what to do; We feel it out, together.

We've talked about the team, our skills, our vision, and our gear. Now, let's talk about me.


My father always had a passion for photography. As I grew up; he would allow me to use his Pentax 35mm system. A novel toy at the time; This was my introduction to the ever-evolving world of photography.

In high school, photography found me through friends and sport. Growing up in beautiful British Columbia, there were plenty of opportunities to capture the magic.

Finding myself purchasing more equipment, and delving into the technical aspects. I would eventually move to digital photography. I scraped the then obscene amount of money together to buy in. My photographic passion exploded.

My love and engagement had only compounded. I've developed a critical eye for light, framing, and timing; a heart for the emotion conveyed. The specialized skills to process the most demanding creation. From the moment of capture through to print, or render.

Nobody is harder on themselves than I when it comes to their work. Few take it so personally. I aim to provide the best of each session, to you. All of this is my craft; I wish to share with you.

    - Jayson Craig

So what next...

Contact us with any questions, concerns, ideas, or even just a friendly hello. We would love to hear what you have to say. We are pleased to learn about your vision.